Frozen Movie Review and Readalikes

frozen_movie_posterDisney’s newest animated feature, Frozen, is about princesses Elsa and Anna. Elsa has the beautiful and dangerous power to create snow, but after hurting Anna when they were little, she tries to hide her ability. When her power is revealed, she runs away, leaving Anna more alone than ever, yet Anna is determined to go after her, restore summer, and just get her sister back.

Frozen is an amazing movie with laugh-out-loud moments along with the ones that make your heart shatter. Although it doesn’t really follow the plot line of Hans Christian Andersen’s original fairy tale, The Snow Queen, with Elsa being good and Anna’s sister for instance, it maintains a fairy tale quality while having a modern feel.

The animation is astonishing, the snow so realistic, you almost get shivers just seeing it. The music that is equally fantastic, one of my favorite song being “For the First Time in Forever” (second only to “Let it Go”) because, besides being beautiful, it is the duet between two sisters and the theme of the entire story. The sisters were well developed with Anna somewhat awkward (in a good way) and adventurous and Elsa very cool and collected. What I liked best was how sisters were more important than a love interest, though that element is still there.

It is one of the best Disney movies I have seen and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves those “Disney classics” that seem timeless, because that is Frozen. In honor of this movie, here is a list of books with sisters inspired by fairy tales.

sisters_grimm_coverThe Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley

After the mysterious disappearance of  their parents, sisters Sabrina and Daphne Grimm (descendants of the Brothers Grimm) are sent to live with their grandmother in Ferryport Landing, where every fairy tale character (they prefer to be called Everafters) lives. When their Grandmother is kidnapped, it is up to the Sisters Grimm to take up the family business of fairy tale detectives if they ever wish to see their family again.

sisters_red_coverSisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Sisters Scarlet and Rosie were attacked by werewolves at their grandmother’s house when they were young. Now they are the ones who hunt the werewolves down. Scarlet won’t stop until every werewolf is dead, but Rosie doesn’t want to fight anymore. How do you explain that to the sister who saved your life? It follows a possibility of what could have happened after the little red riding hood tale.

wide-awake_princess_coverThe Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker

Did you know Sleeping Beauty has a little sister? Her name is Annie and she is immune to magic. It’s the only reason she didn’t fall asleep with the rest of the castle. To save the kingdom, Annie adventures out to find her sister’s true love to break the spell, maybe finding her own along the way. A sweet retelling of Sleeping Beauty as well as a few other fairy tales mixed in.

-Nicole G., 10th grade

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