Movie Review: The Hobbit Part 2: The Desolation of Smaug

hobbit_smaug_posterLast month, The Hobbit Part 2: The Desolation of Smaug was released into theaters. The movie was a continuation of An Unexpected Journey and set the stage for the next and final installment of The Hobbit trilogy. Since The Hobbit was such a short book but the film was split into a trilogy, much was added into the film that was not a part of the book.

—Spoilers below!!!—

The movie begins with Thorin sitting in a pub and two bounty hunters attempting to kill him. They are however stopped by the presence of Gandalf. Gandalf convinces Thorin that he can reclaim the mountain but Thorin claims that the only way he can unite his company of dwarves is by regaining the Arkenstone which is guarded amongst others treasures by Smaug, the dragon under the mountain. Thorin and company journey to the mountain, however Gandalf leaves them to attend to more pressing matters. He senses a darkness that he discovers to be the Necromancer. He also finds that Necromancer has been leading the orcs.

Meanwhile, Thorin and company make their way through the Mirkwood forest, where they are captured by giant spiders and later freed by Bilbo. The company is soon captured by elves. Legolas was added to the plot as well as a new elf, Tauriel. Tauriel is a “non-canon” character that is captain of the guard for the palace of Thranduil. It is revealed by Thranduil that Legolas has feelings for Tauriel but he forbids his son to marry someone of her status so he tells her to discourage his feelings for her. It is also revealed that Kili, the dwarf, falls for Tauriel.

Bilbo avoids capture with aid of the ring and frees Thorin and company. They escape the palace in barrels but Kili is shot in the leg by an orc and is badly injured for the rest of the movie. Legolas and Tauriel leave the place to pursue the orcs. Once out of the palace grounds, Thorin and company seek assistance from Bard, another “non-canon” character who is a resident from Laketown and a descendent to the bowman that tried to take down Smaug long ago. Bard takes them to Laketown to get weapons and restore themselves in order to continue their journey. The dwarves promise to share the riches of the mountain with the residents of Laketown and they leave to get them. Kili is left behind because his injury is too deliberating and Fili and Bofur stay behind as well.

Tauriel and Legolas reach Laketown just in time to save the town from orcs but Tauriel stays behind to heal Kili. Thorin and company finally reach the mountain and Bilbo is sent to reclaim the Arkenstone. Biblo retrieves the Arkenstone but does not tell Thorin out of fear of his corruption. They try and kill Smaug by drowning him in melted gold but he escapes and the movie ends with Smaug going to seek revenge on Laketown.

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