Manga Review: Naruto, By Masashi Kishimoto; Land of Waves Arc

naruto_vol2This is the third part of my review about Naruto. Please read the first and second parts if you missed them.

After the Instruction Arc is the Land of Waves Arc.The Land of the Waves Arc is the first major arc in the series. This arc is covered in between chapter nine to thirty three. These chapters were later complied together in the second to fourth tankobon volumes.

In the previous arc, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha were placed in a squad together with Kakashi Hatake-sensei (sensei meaning teacher) after graduating the Ninja Academy. They pass is test and officially become genin, which is the lowest ninja rank.  After being officially placed together Kakashi’s Squad, which is also known as Squad 7, they are given missions to complete in order to build their teamwork and give them experience that they will have to use when they are older.

This arc starts with Squad 7 receiving a new mission. Naruto, who complains about receiving a d-ranked missions, demands to have a c-ranked mission. Typically genin are only give d-rank missions because they are the safest and easiest to do. C, B, A- Ranked missions are only given to ninjas that are a higher rank. The Hokage, who is the leader or commander of the ninjas, reluctantly gives in. The Hokage gives Squad 7 a c-ranked escort mission. They have to escort Tazuna, a bridge builder, back to his home in the Land of Waves. At first this seams like a simple, easy escort mission. Then they start to get attacked by ninjas on the road to the Land of Waves. They learn that there is something much more to the mission that Tazuna did not tell them about. Squad 7 also meets Zabuza Momochi, who is a dangerous ninja that is out to stop them, and Haku, a mysterious boy that no one knows anything about.Will they ever reach the Land of Waves and come back alive?

This is one of my favorite of the many arcs of the Naruto series. This is were you see the first major developments of  the main characters. This is when Naruto, the main character, faces his first major adversary. You start to learn more the stories of the main characters. The story also starts to become more serious compared to the earlier chapters. 

This is only my view of the manga. I would recommend this for 8-years-old and up due to the fact there is violence. This is also very good for anyone who loves adventure and action. I don’t know how you would like it, so read it to find out.

-Sarah J., 8th grade

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