Book Review: My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters, by Sydney Salter

my_big_noseHave you ever wanted to physically change a part of you? Maybe this book would help you reconsider.

Jory is a seventeen year old girl who has a big nose, and hates it because while her parents get the model style looks and her brother is a teenage Adonis, she gets the plain looks and her great-grandfather’s nose. However, in the summer before her last year of high school, she decides to work as a driver for a cake and flower delivery service so that she can raise enough money to fix her nose with plastic surgery and get the attention of her crush, Tyler. However, many things happen during that summer, such as meeting a violinist boy who works with jewelry, finding out that one of her once sensible best friend is making some bad choices, and finding out Tyler’s shocking secret.

In this book, there are some things that the reader should look out for. First of all, there is some weird humor. Secondly, there is use of alcohol and talk about people who like others of their same gender. Finally, Jory has the wrong image of what interests a boy in most of the story and also has a bit of jealousy later on.

However, this story does teach a good moral. Jory laters learns that no matter what, you should be okay with just  who you are, even if have a big nose.

-Megan V., 8th grade

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