Valentine’s Day

valentineValentine’s Day is coming up! Finally, the day that every couple is waiting for  (or almost every couple)! Many Americans look forward to February 14 every year, most famously known as Valentine’s Day. Although this is considered the day of spreading and receiving love, not many Americans know the true background of this cherished tradition.

Valentine’s Day is also known as the feast of Saint Valentine. The most famous story: Saint Valentine of Rome was caught holding weddings for forbidden soldiers and for assisting Christians. Legend says, Saint Valentine “healed” his imprisoner’s daughter. It is told that before his last breath, he wrote a note to her signing off with “Your Valentine.”  This legend is very unique in its own way, but few know of it. Also, many individuals are not aware that this holiday is celebrated in the Lutheran Church and the Anglican Communion every year, starting off with an enormous feast.

Valentines day is a celebration, a celebration of love, friendship, and family. Although a sensitive stereotype is created- that Valentine’s Day is only to be celebrated within a couple, it is not the true meaning of the popular tradition. So, give some affection and show your partner in crime, your best friend, and your family some love!

-Nirmeet B., 10th grade

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