Book Review: The Lives We Lost, by Megan Crewe

lives_we_lostThis month, I am reviewing the sequel to The Way We Fall, by Megan Crewe. The book, The Lives We Lost, begins when the main character, Kaelyn, and her friends discover that the deadly virus that starts with “flu-like” symptoms has spread far past their small quarantined island on the East Coast, and has now reached the rest of America, and possibly the world.

Kaelyn subsequently finds a vaccine in her late father’s lab that she heard him talking about before he died. She knows that she must set out to find someone who can replicate this vaccine to save humankind as we know it. However, as Kaelyn and her friends set out, they realize that the journey they are taking is long and dangerous, and the few people who are not infected with the virus will do almost anything, even kill innocent kids, to get their hands on the vaccine.

This is a great read, especially for teens who enjoy apocalypse and dystopian novels. Due to the content of the book, I would only recommend it for kids ages 13 or 14 and up, but even though the book can be graphic, it is a page-turner.

Both The Lives We Lost and its predecessor end with cliff hangers foreshadowing another book in the series. While I wish that Ms. Crewe had added another hundred pages or so and just finished the second book instead of leaving the reader hanging, I am looking forward to reading the third in the series.

-Will R., 9th grade

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