Book Review: Nightshade, by Andrea Cremer

nightshade_coverThis book is actually has a prequel series and the first book’s title is Rift. After I read Rift, I fell in love with this world. Rift took place in 1401 so there are castles and knights. Within the kingdom there are special types of knights that protect from outside invaders, such as monsters from a different dimension. Later, after the war that happened in the prequel series, the actual book starts.

A girl named Calla isn’t a ordinary human, she’s a Guardian. Guardians are like werewolves that protect the kingdom from seekers. Calla has had her whole life planned out for her because she’s the alpha of her pack; she would marry the other alpha from the pack Bane, named Renier, also known as Ren– and then their packs would merge together after the Union. The Union was the day Calla and Ren would become married. Calla goes to a school called the Mountain School, which is ordinary.

One day she and her packmate and best friend, Bryn, go out to watch the grounds, like a normal Sunday, but she and her friend see a boy being attacked by a bear, so she saves him, which is against the Guardian law. After that scene she thinks that it’s the last time she’ll ever see him, but when she goes to school she finds out that the boy, Shay, starts to go to her school too.

Day after day she starts straying from her destiny, and she doesn’t know who to trust. Does she trust Shay enough to figure out the truth within the lies she’s been fed all her life, or does she go with Ren and continues to be part of the world she grew up in?

-Meagan R., 8th grade

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