Four Reasons NOT to Read the Divergent Series

divergent_coverThe Divergent series by Veronica Roth offers three very unique novels. However, despite how much I liked, no LOVED, them, there are still some drawbacks to the series. You may want to consider the following if you are thinking about reading the series, if you have not already. Here are four reasons NOT to read these books:

#4. The books are each SOOOO long. The shortest book of the three is Divergent, at 487 pages. Wait a second– did I say the length of the books was a bad thing? Because it isn’t. The books kept me captivated throughout the whole series. The length of the books did not bother me at all. It just gave me a chance to stay immersed in the dystopian world even longer.

#3. Your outside life will SUFFER. At least mine did. I read them on a road trip over Spring Break, and let me just say, my sister was not pleased to see my nose in a book practically every second of the trip. I read at restaurants and at the pool. In fact, Divergent rode in the bicycle basket all around the town. Insurgent weighed down my backpack on a hike. And Allegiant kept me company on the long drive home. So much for that quality family time… I was a little QUITE isolated from them. But you know what, it paid off. I don’t have any regrets… Well, almost no regrets. My sister insists that she saw a waiter wearing a fedora fall backwards into a pool, but because I was deep in the Dauntless compound with Tris and the other initiates, I never saw a thing!

#2. Your heart WILL break. In at least one part of the series, you are practically guaranteed to cry. However, sometimes you need to cry. It adds interest to the story. That said, just don’t read that part of the book in public, unless you want to be seen with tears streaming down your face.

#1. Ummm… The final reason NOT to read Divergent? Honestly, I can’t think of another reason. If you are a younger teen, the romance aspect of the later books might be a little too much, but that depends solely on the reader. Other than that, I can’t come up with any other reason. That just goes to show how much I enjoyed the books.

As you can see, it was really hard for me to even come up with four reasons not to read Divergent, so I guess the conclusion you can draw from all of this is that, in my opinion, these books are worth reading. The moment you finish one book, you find yourself tearing into the next book. Each of the books truly hold your interest.

(P.S. To those who have read the books, yes, there is a reason that I chose ‘Four’ as the number of reasons, and I’m sure you know why…)

-Leila S., 8th grade

4 thoughts on “Four Reasons NOT to Read the Divergent Series

  1. I like how you started the blog as a negative to get people’s attention and how you tried to come up with Four reasons. 😀 good job!

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