Series Review: The Immortals, by Alyson Noel


If you are bored at home or just looking for a good book to read, I would got to your nearest bookstore or library and check out these books. When I started reading this series, I literally couldn’t put the book down. It’s sooooooo good. (Although I recommend it more for teenagers. Sorry to those of you who are tweens, one more year till you are an official teenager.)

This is one of those series where you can’t tell what the next book is about or else it totally ruins the book before, so I will try my best not to ruin it for anyone.

Sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom is not exactly what you find as your average teenager. Oh sure, she looks like everyone,  talks like everyone- that is, if she talks at all. Eliminating her drab wardrobe, hood over her head, and earbuds stuffed in her ears all the time, she is as normal as normal can be, except for the fact that she is a psychic. She can hear people’s thoughts and see their auras. Ever since Ever’s family died in a car accident a year ago, her life has been quite different. Ever has experienced nothing but emptiness and pain. With her only friends Haven, a goth girl, and Miles, a gay boy, Ever has been able to mange at her new school. When Damen August, a drop dead gorgeous seventeen-year-old, enrolls at her school, Ever’s world is turned around.

The only thing strange about this super hot new student is that Ever can’t seem to hear his thoughts and he doesn’t seem to have an aura. In the first book, Evermore, Ever tries to figure out Damen’s feelings for her. She discovers his unconditional love for as well as another secret. Damen may be the reason why she is a psychic. Unfortunately, there always has to be a bad guy in the book and that bad guy is Drina. With her gorgeous, fiery red hair and striking green eyes, she poses a threat to Damen and Ever’s love. Ever sees Drina as competition for Damen’s love. To find out more you are just going to have to read the first book, Evermore.

The second book of this series is Bluemoon. When a new student named Roman comes to Ever’s school, things seem to get a little out of hand. People who were thought to be worst enemies are now best of friends and everyone seems act differently, even Damen. Ever must figure out what Roman has done to her group of friends of whom she is worried will never be the same. With Damen growing weaker every day and Roman’s power increasing, Ever is presented with a choice one to reverse time and get her family back while losing Damen in the process or the other to stay with Damen and to try to nurse him back to health. Though, in the end, her choice puts Damen’s life on the line, keeping her and Damen apart.

In the third book, Shadowland, Ever’s choice has brought a curse upon Damen and her that gives them a deadly touch to each other. One single touch could mean the end of Damen’s life. Ever treks into the dark world of magick where she finds an unexpected friend, Jude Knight. Jude works at a psychic shop though he’s not one himself. Ever knows that her love for Damen is eternal and strong, but the tension between her and Jude makes her question herself. Is Jude really the one? Or is Damen her one and only soulmate? Got to read the books to find out. I can’t say anything about the other three books or else that would be spoiling the surprise. Its a good series,  I hope you enjoy it!

-Christina B., 7th grade

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