Manga Introduction: Black Butler, by Yana Toboso

black_butlerBlack Butler (aka Kuroshitsuji in the original Japanese) is a tale of a contract between a demon butler and a child in Victorian-era London…

After a dangerous happening in his childhood, Ciel Phantomhive is left an orphan with a demon contracted to him as a butler. The demon, named Sebastian Michaelis by Ciel, will take Ciel’s soul when Ciel’s goal is reached. Known as the “Queen’s Watchdog,” 12-year-old Ciel Phantomhive solves crimes at the Queens orders from mysterious deaths to insane nobles, while trying to reach is goal of avenging his family murder.

Black Butler is an simply amazing manga with wonderful drawings. Here are a few facts about this manga:

  • Published in September of 2006, it rose in popularity and is still popular today. It is also still being produced.
  • There are 19  tankobon volumes (manga books) with 4-5 chapters each. All of which are titled: “That Butler,_______”
  • The title Black Butler is used for the America, Germany, France, Italy and Spain releases while the original Japanese title Kuroshitsuji is used in the Japan, Poland, and Finland releases.
  • Published once a month by Square Enix in a magazine called Monthly GFantasy.
  • Has two seasons of animes as well as a OVA (original video animation). A live action movie was also produced and released this year. It also has had three two musical productions and a third run as a reprise of the second musical.

This is one of my favorites among the many mangas around. For one, this has simply incredible drawings.  The main character’s development during helps to bring much of the story together with a mix of trying to solve mysteries and the emotions and feeling that come with being a human.

This does contain demons, shinigami (death reapers), as well as many other mystical elements. It also contains many deaths and some other more gruesome happening due to some of the more insane characters included in the story. It also has a lot that deals with how human being act and why, which many be hard to understand. This is best for a slightly more mature audience.

I can’t decide everything so read it yourself and find the adventure waiting for you.

-Sarah J, 9th grade

4 thoughts on “Manga Introduction: Black Butler, by Yana Toboso

  1. OMG! Love Black Butler, but I started watching in the middle of the series. Thank you for telling me some background I needed to know!

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