Summer Vacation Reading

photo by flickr user fred vargas

photo by flickr user fred vargas

As soon as school ends and summer vacation starts I find that I have a lot more free time. During the school year, it is difficult for me to find the time to read the books that I want to read. Most of the time homework, sports, and other after school activities require my full and undivided attention. Unfortunately, this means that my favorite books are usually put on hold until I can find the time.

However, once summer rolls around I can at last read a book that I enjoy. Summer vacation gives me the opportunity to catch up on the books that I had put aside during the school year. I am able to lay out by the pool with an easy read or even sit bundled up on the couch with a thriller. Even while traveling during the summer, I find books to be a great way to pass time on the plane.

I have noticed though that the genre of books I like to read does change during the summer. I tend to gravitate towards an easier read rather than a dark and depressing book.

Summer time is a time of relaxation, and the best way to relax is with a great book.

-Olivia S.

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