My Passion for Reading and Writing

bookstack2Ever since I was little, I have loved to read and write. My desire to read a compelling book is very strong. Whenever I find one that I cannot put down, I find other books by the same author, knowing I could read it for hours. Everywhere I go I carry a book, whether it is on my phone, tablet, or the real thing. Reading is my getaway. When I read something that really captures my attention, it is as if I am sucked into the pages. I feel like I am in the story with the characters, seeing everything they see, being where they are. I forget everything around me and put all my focus on the story in front of me. This can go on like this forever before I realize I haven’t moved in hours. Does anyone else experience this? This feeling of being trapped in the pages of my books inspired my passion for writing.

photo by flickr user LMRitchie

photo by flickr user LMRitchie

I love creating settings and story lines for my own books and stories. It is fun to come up with characters’ personalities. I get to write exactly what I want them to do or say. Sometimes the characters end up creating themselves, and that is really exciting for me, when they do what they want. Does that make sense? To me, it does. It means my story is really coming together.

I also love to think up interesting plot twists and cannot wait for it all to fall into place in the end. I have considered being an author in the future and would always think how amazing it would be for people to read my own books. I would love to know if they are surprised by the twists or in love with the characters like I am in some books that I read. If I ever need to get inspired for another story, I always read something of the same genre I am writing. Many of my favorite books have inspired me to start a book or continue a story with fan fiction. I am currently writing a book, inspired by The Host, titled Cyber People. I have also written fan fiction for Divergent, Percy Jackson, and The Mortal Instruments.

When I found out about the Mission Viejo Library Teen Voice blog, when it started about two years ago, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to express my feelings about books and writing. I joined the blog right away, and I have come to love it.

-Sabrina C., 9th grade

2 thoughts on “My Passion for Reading and Writing

  1. This post really spoke to me. When I write, sometimes the characters just decide who they are, instead of being who you think they are. They have a mind of their own, as well as the plot sometimes.

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