Book Review: Wake, by Amanda Hocking

wake_coverWhat story portrays a beautiful setting of the modern world, Greek myths, horror, a Frozen-like sister bond, and a few love stories that seem at have many obstacles thrown at it? Why, of course, it’s Wake, the first book of the Watersong series.
Gemma is an ordinary teenage girl, with an older sister named Harper who is proper, a dad who is torn, a mom who lost her memories after an accident, a crush on the nerdy boy next door, Alex, and a love for swimming. She lives in a small town called Capri, in which there are no strangers. So when four absolutely beautiful girls that no one knows about arrive in town, people become suspicious, especially when one goes missing and the three girls take an interest in Gemma. That’s when Gemma drinks a mysterious potion given to her by the same three girls that turns her into a mythical siren, with a tail, love for swimming, ability to attract any boy, and a desire to eat human flesh.
This story has an excellent plot, with real-life characters and surprising twists. For those who love mythology, there aren’t just sirens; there are mentions of the Olympians, the Minotaur, and Orpheus. But the thing I feel that others would like most is the important messages, such as why we should only have sex with the right person, the corruption of power, and the importance of bonds with others. However, this book does have some more adult scenes, so anybody under the age of 13 should wait to read it.
-Megan V., 10th grade

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