Magazine Review: Muse Magazine

museAlthough everyone loves a good book, we can’t always fit reading a novel into our busy schedules of school, homework, etc. If I ever don’t have the time to delve into a mind-capturing story, another great choice is picking up an interesting magazine! One of my personal favorites is Muse magazine. Muse is an awesome, scientific publication that is filled with funny and memorable articles. If you want to learn something new, or just have a laugh, it’s a good idea to grab a Muse, “the magazine of life, the universe, and pie-throwing.”

I have always loved being able to actually hold books and magazines in my hand, so I enjoy receiving a hard copy of Muse magazine. However, if you’re more of the techy type, Muse has a digital version along with your hard copy subscription! This is a super fun magazine for all ages, including articles about everything from hitchhiking robots to logic leaps to “what personality quiz are you?”

If I haven’t yet convinced you of how exciting and interactive this magazine is, you can preview some of its features on the website In addition to introductions of Muse’s latest articles, this website includes photos, stories from Muse subscribers, and stimulating questions to comment on. So take a break from your voracious reading, have a laugh, and get your Muse on!

-Alaina K., 6th grade