Required Reading: It’s Actually a Good Thing

bookstack2Why do we have required reading? There are some advantages and disadvantages to school-chosen books that I’d like to discuss.

First off, some of the books we read in school are actually pretty good, but some are slow, uneventful stories that bore us until we can’t stand it. However, a lot of the time, the books we want to read are not always available, so at least we do get to read (for those of you who like to read), and we end up getting exposed to some new material. Also, we get exposed to higher vocabulary and harder dialogue that test our readability skills, and makes us better readers and writers. It is proven that those who read more are able to write more advanced pieces. Reading books that are “out of our comfort zone” expand our minds to become more creative and inventive thinkers, and this can help us in our lives after school.

If one does not enjoy reading as much as his or her peers, one might become irritated at the act of reading; specifically reading the kind of books that one might not like as opposed to others. As a person who loves to read in his free time, I don’t mind reading books that I probably would not have picked up on my own trip to the library.

Also as this post discusses, the advantages to required reading surpass the disadvantages by a substantial amount.

Please post a comment about your ideas on the subject whether you agree or disagree with my opinion of required reading.

-Kyle H., 8th grade