Enclave by Ann Aguirre

enclave_annaguirreIn the novel Enclave, by Ann Aguirre, the world has been destroyed by wars and plague. Most of the population lives underground in enclaves, hence the title of the book. The story takes place in one of those enclaves called “College,” where the population is relatively young because the eldest among them is about twenty-five. The population of College is divided into three main groups: Breeders, Builders, and Hunters. Breeders bear children to maintain the population, while builders build various items. The Hunters have the important job of killing creatures called “Freaks” (aka zombies). In this enclave, a fifteen-year-old girl receives her name Deuce on naming day after she completes training to become a huntress. Deuce is the main character of this story, and after earning the role of Huntress; she is partnered with a boy named Fade. Unlike the people of College, Fade was raised Topside (the area outside and above the enclave). With Fade as her partner, Deuce goes on patrol and kills Freaks. As the story continues, she and Fade are exiled to Topside. To learn about their adventures in Topside, read this book!

Enclave was a book with all of it – action, adventure, survival and one, brave main female character. Throughout the book, I was thoroughly entertained and hanging on for more. I liked the way the book had a short introduction, then it jumped right into Deuce’s job of killing Freaks. The author, Ann Aguirre wrote well because Deuce was an amazing character, but the book was slightly choppy. Deuce was an amazing heroine with a strong personality. Her ability to prevail above and fend off the Freaks was amazing; Deuce also had a great sense of valor. Also, the additional characters in the book were great and they added to the book positively. Recommended for high schoolers, Enclave is followed by two more books, Outpost and Horde for those who enjoyed it.

-Anmol K.

Enclave is available to check out from the Mission Viejo Public Library.