Kimi Ni Todoki by Karuho Shiina

kiminitodoke_karuhoshiinaKimi Ni Todoki is a manga about a quiet, lonely girl, named Sawako who finds it difficult to make friends with, until she meets a boy named Kazehaya. He’s one of the most popular people at school and instantly makes a connection with her. He teaches her on how to be more friendly with others, but people feared and misunderstood her because of her appearance; rumors around school report that she can see ghosts and curse people.

Sawako later meets Yano and Yoshida, who become her best friends. She never dreamt of having friends, until she met Kazehaya. He showed to his fellow classmates that Sawako isn’t such a bad person. After Sawako made friends, her friendship with Kazehaya slowly developed into a romantic feeling. But what will be the result if someone else has her eyes on Kazehaya? Will Sawako and Kazehaya be together, or will something drive them apart from each other?

This is personally my favorite manga ever, so I would rank it 10/10. It’s worth reading! Go check it out.

-Kayla H. 11th Grade

2 thoughts on “Kimi Ni Todoki by Karuho Shiina

  1. I love this manga too! I like how you note that Kazehaya showed his classmates that Sawako isn’t a bad person, because I feel like its a really big part in life.

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