TV Review: Criminal Minds

If you enjoy crime shows like NCIS, then you will also enjoy Criminal Minds.

The show is about a group of FBI agents with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Every episode there is a new crime to solve. Whether it is a murder on the loose or a crazy person reeking havoc. The agents try to get into the unsubs’ (unknown criminal) mind by traveling to the crime scenes and talking to witnesses as well as locals. Garcia is the girl behind the magic. She is the one to call when you need police reports, hospital records, and other important documents. With her help the agents are able to find out more about the unsubs’ criminal record as well as the back story so they know what caused the crime.

Criminal Minds does a great job of allowing you to also pick up clues, this makes you feel like you are apart of the crime scene and the FBI. You will never be bored with this show. It walks you through what the FBI does and introduces you to criminal psychology.

I am still relatively new to this show but I am now binging it when I have the time. Just a warning, I do not recommend this show if you are iffy with blood or death in general.

– Giovanna S.

6 thoughts on “TV Review: Criminal Minds

  1. Such great insight on what the show is like! This has been on my list for ages and I was iffy because it looked really long, but allowing the viewer to pick up on clues seems like something I’ll never get bored of either! I know what I’ll be binging next šŸ™‚

  2. I agree that helping the viewer to pick up the clues along the way to help solve the case themselves before the show does is a great component in this show. Thanks for telling us about ‘Criminal Minds’.

  3. I think that this TV show is very helpful for people of all ages because it can teach and inform others about what types of situations there are in the world and how to deal with them. I love to be a detective while watching criminal shows, so I would love to watch Criminal Minds.

  4. I’ve had this show on my “To-Watch” list for a while now – guess it’s just moved to the top spot šŸ™‚

    Nice review!

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