Game Review: Pokemon Black and White

In recent times, in light of the pandemic, many people have fallen back on their hobbies and favorite franchises. One of the most common franchises is Pokemon as many people grew up with video games and collecting trading cards. In general, the quality of recent Pokemon games has severely declined, leaving the GBA and DS games as the pinnacle. One such DS game that I would recommend is Pokemon Black and White, often one of the most contentious games in the series.

For those who want a great Pokemon game to play during the breaks and wind down, this game is amazing for not only beginners but also experienced players. The game is based on the region of North America and contains 151 original Pokemon. The story of the game is well built and delves into interesting concepts not explored in previous Pokemon games. One major aspect of the game is not only the great, new Pokemon that were introduced but also the sprite animations that make it stand out over all the games in the other series. The game is sleek while still having the classic Nintendo aesthetic. Each Pokemon sprite is lively and animated, just adding to the visual appeal of the game. The pacing of the game is also exceptional compared to other games. The game still follows the traditional gym badge system and various new environments are well distributed and it never feels too elongated or quick. As a result, the game is a satisfying experience that is generally above the rest of the options.

One of the most common complaints for the game is the Pokemon design and overall concept of the evil team. While certain designs are lacking, they are still unique and not every new pokemon, especially the large batch of 151 can be perfect. The evil team may also be goofy to people who base their opinions on the traditional Team Rocket and nostalgia, however, the differentiation is something fresh for the game that helps it more than it hurts it. In addition, the ideals of the team are actually integrated into character development which is something unprecedented for Pokemon. Overall, most of the criticisms for this game come from the high expectations for traditional Pokemon fans and the lack of nostalgic appeal, which is something that I would rather applaud the game for. 

In general, I would rate this game a 10/10 experience for the average Pokémon fan. The game does have its flaws but overall, in the grand scheme of Pokémon games, it is a must-play and a worthwhile experience for those who want something different from the current direction of the Pokémon franchise.

-Benjamin L.

4 thoughts on “Game Review: Pokemon Black and White

  1. This game seems very interesting. I have a sibling who has played this game in the past and I have heard it is great from him! I will definitely give Pokemon Black and White a try in the future 🙂

  2. It seems Pokemon is making a comeback as I have rediscovered it as well. I enjoyed your review and the reminder for Pokemon Black and White. We all need a little more fun wherever we can find it.

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