The Benefits of School Sponsorships

In schools all over America today, it is not uncommon for one to see the multiple brand sponsorships and deals that the school has taken part in, with logos being slapped all over the place. When schools get sponsorship deals and such, the company being sponsored pays the school a fair sum of money for their brand and logo to be displayed in the school. Because of this, schools engaging in company sponsorships are very financially beneficial towards the school and the business, especially for those schools that are struggling.

To start, schools seem to always be in need of money. It is no secret that schools usually do not receive the best funding and that they heavily rely on students and parents for financial aid.  Fundraisers and donations from parents are very common means for schools to earn money. However, considering that many students are not financially fit to support fundraisers or make donations, it really questions the effectiveness of these penny-pinching methods, as not every family can afford to just give the school money like this. When schools add in a company sponsorship, for example putting KFC banners all over the school, the school gets a guaranteed source of income from the company. Large corporations are much wealthier and can easily afford to comply with the sponsorship, making it all the more reason for sponsorships. This money could be spent on things like school supplies, repairs, and if there is extra money, maybe even things such as student events and campus beautification. Overall, it is just a more effective way to earn money, which will then in turn make the quality of learning and the school much better.

On the other hand, companies also benefit greatly from school sponsorships. When companies sponsor a school, their brand and logo will get exposed a lot. Students go to school every day, at least they normally would, which means that they will see these advertisements and logos all the time. In my personal experiences, without the use of school sponsorships, I would have never tried the restaurant Raising Canes, which is definitely one of my favorites to this day. It is undoubtedly likely that a ton of other students have had an experience similar to mine, and most who have not yet may have one in the future.  Things like this might give any small business the push they need to get going, or a large corporation extra customers to add on to their growing business.

Company sponsorships are a very efficient and better way for schools to earn money than conventional fundraisers and such. Especially since these sponsorships are a guaranteed source of income that benefits both sides of the party, it really is the best solution to any money crisis a school is having.

-Jeremy L.

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