The Best Free Editing Software of All Time

Video editing is probably one of the tougher skills in life to master. There are many elements of skill and hours of effort into editing a video, no matter what purpose it is for. However, one of the biggest factors is what editor one decides to use. Some editors can cost as much as 100 dollars. These ones are the ones the professionals use, who edit as a job or career. However, although these editors are reliable and efficient, these are not the most accessible to those who are just starting out, and to those who are not willing to spend money on an expensive editor.

There are many free editors out there, however, with them being free, comes many consequences. One of the biggest ones, which is common among many free editors is a large watermark in the corner of the screen. Examples include PowerDirector and Filmora9, which slap a large watermark in the center of the screen, advertising their “great” editing software. Another example of the consequences is the rendering of audio. Some free editors may require you to buy the premium version in order to render audio with your video. So, at this point it may seem as if there is no free solution to edit a high quality video. However, that is not the case.

Da Vinci Resolve 16 is an editing software available on Windows and Mac, which has all the features of an expensive editing software. The best part about it all is that it is 100% free. Although there are some features that require you to get the premium version, such as some filters and the ability to render above 4k, nearly everything you want and need is available within the free version. It is incredibly easy to master and learn, so you can make high quality videos about whatever you please. Watching a simple 20 minute tutorial about it on Youtube before starting out (which is just an editing tip in general that could be applied to all editors) could take you very far.

So with that said, Da Vinci Resolve is not the best editing software for sure, but it is definitely the most worth it.

-Jeremy L.

The Benefits of School Sponsorships

In schools all over America today, it is not uncommon for one to see the multiple brand sponsorships and deals that the school has taken part in, with logos being slapped all over the place. When schools get sponsorship deals and such, the company being sponsored pays the school a fair sum of money for their brand and logo to be displayed in the school. Because of this, schools engaging in company sponsorships are very financially beneficial towards the school and the business, especially for those schools that are struggling.

To start, schools seem to always be in need of money. It is no secret that schools usually do not receive the best funding and that they heavily rely on students and parents for financial aid.  Fundraisers and donations from parents are very common means for schools to earn money. However, considering that many students are not financially fit to support fundraisers or make donations, it really questions the effectiveness of these penny-pinching methods, as not every family can afford to just give the school money like this. When schools add in a company sponsorship, for example putting KFC banners all over the school, the school gets a guaranteed source of income from the company. Large corporations are much wealthier and can easily afford to comply with the sponsorship, making it all the more reason for sponsorships. This money could be spent on things like school supplies, repairs, and if there is extra money, maybe even things such as student events and campus beautification. Overall, it is just a more effective way to earn money, which will then in turn make the quality of learning and the school much better.

On the other hand, companies also benefit greatly from school sponsorships. When companies sponsor a school, their brand and logo will get exposed a lot. Students go to school every day, at least they normally would, which means that they will see these advertisements and logos all the time. In my personal experiences, without the use of school sponsorships, I would have never tried the restaurant Raising Canes, which is definitely one of my favorites to this day. It is undoubtedly likely that a ton of other students have had an experience similar to mine, and most who have not yet may have one in the future.  Things like this might give any small business the push they need to get going, or a large corporation extra customers to add on to their growing business.

Company sponsorships are a very efficient and better way for schools to earn money than conventional fundraisers and such. Especially since these sponsorships are a guaranteed source of income that benefits both sides of the party, it really is the best solution to any money crisis a school is having.

-Jeremy L.

Geometry Dash Game Review

Geometry Dash is a game developed by a Swedish developer by the name of RobTop, and it was released in 2013. It is a rhythm-based platformer game that includes 21 official levels and over 60 million user-created levels. This game can be found on the app store, google play store, and Steam.

Geometry Dash is known for being a rage game, as whenever one dies within a level, they have to start all the way back in the beginning. This process can become very tedious and frustrating for many players. However, the feeling one gets from completing a difficult level overrides all the frustration caused by it. 

Levels in this game follow a rating system that ranges from easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and demon difficulties. The hardest rating, demon, is divided up into easy demon, medium demon, hard demon, insane demon, and extreme demon. These hard demon levels have been the main cause for one of the largest parts of the Geometry Dash community: the demon list. The demon list is a list of the top 150 hardest levels in the game. If one has over 64% on any one of these levels, their name is displayed on the level’s leaderboard. This has prompted many players to start grinding out hard levels that take a lot of skill and patience to beat. 

Although Geometry Dash is not a multiplayer game, it has definitely brought me and some of my friends closer together through playing it, and even after over seven years since the game’s release and nearly four years since the latest update, millions of people still actively play the game to this day.

-Jeremy L.

John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

President John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president of the United States. Many know him for being one of the few presidents that were assassinated, pushing the United States closer to beating the Soviet Union in the race to the moon or even having an airport in New York named after him. But something he is less known for is his inauguration speech on January 20, 1961, in Washington DC. This is definitely one of the most remarkable speeches of all time, and president Kennedy addressed many important points in this speech.

President Kennedy repeatedly references what our founding fathers did for everybody’s rights and freedoms in the country. His purpose for this is to give Americans a sense of pride and hope. Kennedy also references how nearly all of the problems in the world were a direct cause of mankind, and that many issues such as poverty and deprivation of basic human rights can all be prevented. Another important point that Kennedy mentions is that if Americans do not work together humbly, then society would fall apart. One line from his inaugural address that clearly shows this is “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”. 

However, that is not the most famous line from this inaugural address. By far, the most famous line from this address is “ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country”. Similar to the idea of Americans working together, Kennedy is telling American citizens that in order for America to be the greatest, most functional, and strongest nation in the world, everybody has to do their part to make America just a little bit better. 

The first line of the preamble in the United States constitution is “We the people…”. Kennedy’s morals stay consistent with this line since when saying “ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country”, he is asking Americans, instead of the government, to run society and really make sure that everybody’s voice is heard.

It is no question that John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address is one of the greatest speeches of all time, if not, the greatest. Kennedy’s perspective on what American society should look like not only sets as a great example as a literary masterpiece, but it also is a great representation of what our founding fathers wanted when they were creating the US constitution

-Jeremy L.


In 1891, Irish author Oscar Wilde (1854–1900) observed, “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.” However, his claim that disobedience is a valuable human trait and that it promotes social progress is not valid, as there are more cases of civil disobedience ending up being ineffective and destructive than there are that promote social change. 

With social media and online forms of activism becoming more and more common, taking issues out to the streets and handling them out there has become less and less common, and therefore less effective. In fact, people in high positions of power may see these cases of disobedience not as powerful or meaningful, but rather a burden. Malcolm Gladwell’s assertions stay consistent with this concept, as it is much easier and more efficient for people to express themselves online rather than in-person. The majority of news will spread faster and to more people on social media, making it unlikely that people will take it out on the streets. Also, the majority of protests and acts of activism that happen online often stay unnoticed or local. Such means that these acts of activism are unlikely to reach a state or federal level in promoting change, and are unlikely to spread the awareness intended to. Activism through the use of social media is much more effective and efficient at both of these.

Civil disobedience may not only be ineffective, but it can also be destructive and harmful to others. Take for example, riots and violent protests in Minneapolis and other U.S. cities regarding the death of George Floyd earlier this year. Although in the end, Derek Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder on the morning of October 22, 2020, many innocent locals had to pay the price for it. Many people’s jobs, livings, and neighborhoods were destroyed as a direct result of this case of disobedience. The Western Journal released a video on May 29, 2020, of K.B. Balla, a colored sports bar owner, breaking down after he lost his entire life’s work to rioters. It seemed to Balla that within an instant, the sports bar that he took pride in and cared about was gone. There are many people like Balla who have lost their businesses and other important things thanks to violent rioters. Even though justice was served in the end, it was not worth millions of dollars in property damage, countless injuries, and possibly even multiple deaths.

Wilde’s claims are not valid as the majority of civil disobedience has turned out to be destructive and ineffective. Civil and peaceful methods of activism and protest are much more effective than disobedience and are much more likely to appeal to people in high positions of authority. There are even cases of disobedience when it comes to other topics besides social change, but in the end, these methods are not necessary nor valid.

-Jeremy L.

Leonardo Da Vinci Biography

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Florence, Italy. According to’s Leonardo Da Vinci biography, Da Vinci’s father was a landlord and his mother was a young peasant woman. Da Vinci only received an elementary level education when he was young, and only decided to learn more about subjects like Geometry or Latin later in life. When Da Vinci was fifteen years old, he became the apprentice for an artist by the name of Andrea del Verrocchio. There, Da Vinci learned how to paint and sculpt. He would continue to work and live in Florence until 1482, where he moved to Milan to work for and provide service for the city’s duke, Ludovico Sforza. Da Vinci eventually left Milan after seventeen years, in which he completed six paintings. The most famous paintings he made during this time period were the “Last Supper” and the “Mona Lisa”.

Game Review: Among Us

So as of recently, the newest trending game that everyone seems to know of and play is Among Us. Among Us is a multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth, where players are either a crewmate or an imposter on a spaceship. The crewmates are unaware of who the imposters are, so their job is to figure out who the imposters are while completing tasks assigned by the game. Tasks could include things such as cleaning out air vents, downloading files, and readjusting the navigation course of the spaceship. The imposters’ job is to kill and take out as many crewmates as possible without getting caught or before time runs out. The way crewmates figure out who the imposters are is by keeping a lookout for any suspicious activity. Suspicious activity includes killing a fellow crewmate, hiding in a vent (something only imposters can do), or not completing tasks. There are also ways to figure out who for sure is a crewmate, such as seeing if someone takes out the trash (a feature only crewmates can do). There are other features that add on to this concept, such as security cameras and imposters being able to sabotage or create a hazard that needs quick fixing, the crewmates on the spaceship.

In my opinion, I think that this game is a great game because it is fun and people can enjoy the game together. It is very easy for friends to play together, with the use of a private lobby and a game code. Playing for hours on end is super easy because the game never gets boring. To summarize, Among Us is a great time killer and bonding experience for you and your friends, so if you have a free afternoon on a weekend, get some of your friends together and hop on this great game!