Game Review: Andy’s Apple Farm

Andy's Apple Farm (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Andy’s Apple Farm is a horror game where you, a beta tester, play Andy’s Apple Farm.

In the game, you play and try to win back your house keys. However, the only way to get back your keys is to play games with the characters Margret the Mole, Claus the Clock, Felix the Fish, and Melody the Moon. As you play the game, it’s very obvious that everything is not as it seems.

The art style for the characters’ sprites looks similar to something a child might draw. While exploring or playing the minigames, everything is pixelated. Occasionally, you might come across glitches or things that don’t seem like they belong, but you don’t need to worry because they’re supposed to be there. The graphics help with creating an unsettling feeling within the game.

There is a secret plotline to Andy’s Apple Farm that can be unlocked by doing something very unique, which is not listening to the game and using glitches. One of the ways to unlock certain secrets and scenes is to do the minigames in the wrong order. However, there are other ways to unlock the secret plot.

Andy’s Apple Farm is a great game with interesting lore and unique gameplay. I think that Andy’s Apple Farm is something that might inspire more indie horror games in the future. My rating for it is a 8.5/10

-Nicole M.

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