Trading Cards

You’ve probably heard of Pokemon cards, and maybe even Magic Cards, but have you heard of sports cards? Sports cards are trading cards that represent the players in major sports leagues, like the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and more. Some card collections also feature players from college.

Since my favorite sports are football and basketball, I enjoy collecting NFL and NBA cards. For about 6-7 years now, I’ve been collecting cards and creating a massive collection. 

For the people who are beginners to card collecting, just know that to get valuable cards, you don’t need to purchase really expensive packs. Even a simple $5-7 pack of 15-40 cards can be enough to help you pull a valuable card. Card collecting is pure luck, and you need to be prepared for the outstanding packs with the top players as well as the terrible packs filled with only duplicates of the cards you already have. 

For NBA cards, there are a few that come to mind when thinking of my favorite brands. Each card brand has it’s own strengths and a completely different look from other brands. One of my favorite NBA brands is Illusions, which has a really special, interesting look to it. Another card brand I like is called Revolution, but it is harder to find. Those 2 brands feature a lot of nice quality cards, but sometimes don’t offer many cards in packs. If you’re looking for quantity over quality, I suggest buying NBA Hoops cards. NBA Hoops cards have simpler designs, but usually give a good amount of cards for the price you pay. There are many more brands that produce amazing cards that I like, such as Prizm and Optic. 

Moving on, there are some NFL card brands that I enjoy opening packs of, too. If I’m opening for the quantity of cards instead of rarity, I would probably choose to get Prestige or Scorecards. Prestige cards have a simple design, but there is a special Heroes Collection that can give you some epic cards if you get lucky. These Heroes cards make the player look like a comic book character, adding some variety to the Prestige packs. Also, Score cards are really good for quantity and they also provide different types of cards. In a pack, the majority of the cards are base cards, but there are also extra collections like Celebration, Potential, Sack Attack, Toe The Line, and Hot Rookies. A few Celebration, Potential, and Sack Attack cards come out of every pack, but Toe The Line and Hot Rookie cards are harder to come by. Also, Select is another card brand, but I suggest buying it if you are looking for quality over quantity since it can be pricier than the other options I listed. 

Before you start collecting, there are a few more things I need to tell you. Rookie cards, indicated with an RC symbol on the card, are more valuable because they can only be pulled during the player’s rookie season. These rookie cards tend to be more valuable, especially if they are of a great player. Whenever you get a rookie card, hold on to it (don’t trade it) because you never know what its value will be when the player’s career is over. Some players don’t stand out until their 3rd or 4th season, so you should be careful about your rookie cards. In addition, to check the value of your cards, you can visit the website The website shows the former purchases of cards, so you can see what your card goes for. If your friends also collect cards, you can trade with them to grow your collection. 

Finally, I hope this post gave you some more knowledge about sports cards and hopefully you’re ready to start your own collection now! If you start collecting, I suggest purchasing a binder and some card binder sheets to keep your cards in a safe location. This will protect the card from losing value (bent corners, scratches). Happy collecting!

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