Album Review: Invitation to Her’s

One of my favorite relics from nostalgic summers is the music I discovered as the weeks passed. From windy summer nights to morning heatwaves, my fondest memories from those three-month vacations are the playlists I used to make. As I take a trip down memory lane, the first album that reminds me of those “good old days” is Invitation to Her’s.

Album Cover Art for Invitation to Her’s by Her’s.

Indie pop band Her’s released their second album, Invitation to Her’s, in 2018. A year after its release, I came across this project and quickly fell for the duo’s witty lyrics and catchy soundscapes. More specifically, I was captivated by the duo’s ability to balance each track on this album. From groovy instrumentals to clever bridges, Her’s contrasted their low and punchy vocals with soft falsetto melodies. In just a few moments, some of the best songs on this album would feel like a completely different experience.

“Harvey” and “Love on the Line (Call Now)” were by far my favorite tracks on the album, most likely by nostalgic bias. The groovy instrumentals and catchy lyrics immediately kept me hooked onto their music, and their riffs would replay in my head for days on end. Other songs, such as “She Needs Him,” transitioned from a lively song to a dreamy, slow-paced instrumental solo. Her’s knew when and how to balance their tracks; some songs had their moxie settle until the end, and others turned to a different tune.

Although some songs like “Breathing Easy” and “Under Wraps” were not as upbeat as the other tracks on this album, their soft and lounge-inspired soundscapes were just as compelling. Each song on Invitation to Her’s was unique in its own way, which is why there is at least one song that will impress you. For this reason, this album has been my go-to recommendation for years, and I find myself coming back to those blazing summers from the moment their drums kick in. Whether we’re stuck in another freezing winter or blossoming into a new spring, Invitation to Her’s is an album for every season and every music fan. Give this album a try; you won’t regret it!

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