When does it end

Have you ever told yourself this will be your last time? Only for it to be just the beginning. The beginning of your new addiction.

For some, it be hard to imagine. Others not so much. Addictions can and will come in all different forms, and shapes. Along with various problems. It’s something that will continue to straggle behind you throughout life. Unknowingly or knowingly. Acknowledging the issue is our first step to moving on. Then what. Action. Then you are cured! That’s what it looks like on the outside. Who knows what’s right! In your situation, the people you’re surrounded with may have no idea you’re even struggling to begin with! What does one do then? Some may suggest reaching out for support! Or going to therapy right? Because therapy can heal you. For some. My truth is it doesn’t. Well if therapy cured someone else then it’s bound to work for you as well too right? I wish. I wish I could fix the shattered pieces that seemed to puzzle me. I want to find what I’ve been searching for all these years. I do believe one thing. Finding some sort of purpose. While struggling against an addiction all on your own it will drain the life out of you. There’s no way to sugarcoat that.

It can and most likely will be scary to slowly stray away from your addiction. You know what I found fascinating is how people are addicted to the feeling of sadness. Some find comfort. It’s so much more than sadness. We find comfort in our addiction! That’s why we do what we do. It’s the last thing (or things) that we resort to that “fill” our emptiness. It’s like watering a seed. You only have one chance to help this seed grow. You can give it the love, support, and nutrition it needs. Or you can simply leave it alone and ignore the issues this seed faces throughout life. It comes to the point where you stop realizing about the things you do and the way you influence yourself is the problem. It’s like you can no longer see the reflection you wish to seek. Your mind is past your body. As if you’re no longer there. You are just sitting back and watching a life that was once yours.

Don’t be spiteful. I am not stating “addictions can’t be beaten”. There is one thing you must realize. You don’t always FULLY overcome your problems. Many of us just replace one with another.

What we do need to realize is that eventually our time will come.

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I love reading/writing! I also have a love for sports, art, roller skating, and crafting. I aspire to become a Scientist when I'm older. I wish to study medicine and viruses. I want to help save lives and I enjoy meeting new people!

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