Manga Review: Elemental Gelade, vol. 1, by Mayumi Azuma

elemental_gelade_coverI should start out saying this is my first real manga that I ever read, or at least, entirely to as much as I could. It helped form my current opinions on the style of Japanese comics. It is also the first time in a long time I wanted to skip reading a part in my book.

The main plot of the story is about Eldel Raids, or one of the 7 Glittering Jewels known as Ren. In the Glittering Jewels line, she is the last. She is the only living member now, and this is where the journey begins. After a very good start, I find the middle to be slightly lacking. However, it picks up extremely well when the story takes a sudden twist. Sadly the first issue ends on cliffhanger, but the Mission Viejo Library has all of them available up to issue 9! (Shameless plug.)

Now onto the book itself which is overall very good and done well. The art style isn’t well used outside of the weaponry in my opinion. That being said, when it is used well it is downright fantastic. The weapons all look unique and special giving them all a reason to be remembered. I think the characters could be a bit more fleshed out, but it put them at a great starting point. The story is well crafted in its entirety, and I personally really like it. The next issue is even better, and this one is worth a look.

Overall, I give this volume of Elemental Gelade a 7/10. A great manga. If you think it’s worth a shot I give it a full recommendation.

3 thoughts on “Manga Review: Elemental Gelade, vol. 1, by Mayumi Azuma

  1. I wanted to tell you that you do a REALLY good job at critiquing manga. I want to start writing reviews on some of my favorite manga here as well, but I wan’t quite sure where to start-but thanks for the inspiration! I especially liked how you reviewed the artwork, most people don’t take manga seriously as a form of art or as a form of writing, but in certain cases it holds great value!
    Keep up the good work!

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