Print Books vs Ebooks: A Visual Guide

Do you have bookshelves full of books, or a tablet on which plenty of books are stored?  These are two ways that people today can read.  A person can read in the traditional way with a printed book.  Or, books can be read virtually on any electronic device.   Both of these forms of reading have their advantages and disadvantages.  Below, the main reasons for and against each side are presented.


Now that you have more information on this debate, which method do you believe is better?  Or would you prefer to read with a combination of both?  Whatever you chose, just make sure you read!

-Leila S., 8th grade

7 thoughts on “Print Books vs Ebooks: A Visual Guide

  1. I think ebooks are probably better in a pros and cons viewpoint, but there’s no feeling like opening up a real book. In my opinion, printed books are better. However, everyone is entitled to their own preference!

  2. “…Something we once loved, and love now, in the shape of a book. Maybe eBooks are going to take over, one day, but not until those whizzkids in Silicon Valley invent a way to bend the corners, fold the spine, yellow the pages, add a coffee ring or two and allow the plastic tablet to fall open at a favorite page.”
    ― Russell T. Davies, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    For me, there is no tablet or device that will ever have the ability to adequately replace the feel of a physical book; the turning of the pages, the notes scribbled hastily in the margins, the smell of paper that only novels can bring about. I am not sentimental about many things, but books are something I will never give up. Perhaps eBooks will take over in the future, but I will not be alive then, so it will suffice to say that I simply pity the future generations.
    Plus, knowing myself, I’d probably drop the thing every five seconds… Bam. Broken. Whereas when I drop a book… BOOM. Then I pick it up, brush it off, and move on.
    Think about how you would feel if you were an author. Wouldn’t you rather be able to hold your book, instead of holding, say, a Kindle, where you could be looking at someone else’s book in the push of a few buttons? I feel eBooks are too unreliable, in a way. Books are priceless (not in a literal sense, but…figuratively) and there is nothing that will ever be able to replace them. Real books don’t run out of batteries and you don’t have to turn them off before you take off in a plane. Something I’ve learned: do not lend books to people with Nooks or Kindles. They just don’t realize how important books are (especially to me), and “yes, that page that you dog-eared halfway through chapter twelve does irritate me.”
    For me, there is no contest. Long live REAL BOOKS.

    Plus, it’s not technically illegal to read and drive.

    • But everyone is entitled to their opinions. 🙂
      And, of course, reading–no matter how you do it–is always superior to not.

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