Veterans Online Game Review

Veterans Online is a free-to-play, top-down multiplayer shooter that puts ten players in an intense five vs five situation. The game requires fast reflexes and even faster sharpshooting. The players are able to customize their load-outs, characters, taunts, and more. To do this, players must use the money they earn to buy said upgrades. These currencies can be made either from spending money in the game or completing certain challenges. Players also can buy certain weapons using the buy menu, which will use your currency that you earn mid-game to give you better weaponry.

The graphics of Veterans Online was very clean. When I launched the game, I was greeted with the sounds of battle and dramatic music. I spent some time customizing my character and giving him the hair and masks that I liked. I then went into the tutorials and watched all of the video walkthroughs. The one problem I had was the movement controls and sensitivity. The sensitivity for my game was way too high, and my movement keys were not the usual WASD and were assigned to other keys. Luckily, I was able to change both of these problems to my liking, and I was ready to play.

Sadly, I was not able to get into an online match. I sat in the lobby waiting to get in a game, but the highest number of players was 2/10. I wanted to play an online match and test my skill, but it never happened. I decided to go into a custom match by myself, to get the feel for the game and controls. The game is very well made. The maps are clean and big and would work for any five vs five game mode. The guns and recoil patterns are interesting and would be challenging to get used to. It was a shame that I could not get into an online game mode.

Overall, I enjoyed Veterans Online even though I was not able to play the online version. I enjoyed the base game, with different weaponry and skills. I believe that the reason I did not get into an online match was due to the low amount of players. I do believe that if the game had more players, it would draw more attention. I hope that the game does get more popular in the future because it is a good game. Overall, I would give Veterans Online a nine out of ten.

-Daniel C. 

1 thought on “Veterans Online Game Review

  1. I love how this game can accommodate ten players at a time. That way, it can be introduced to many friends and enjoyed by many people at the same time. Great review!

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