Goosebumps Review for Xbox One

Goosebumps is a new video game released on video game consoles. Obviously, the game is based around the well-known novel series Goosebumps. The player moves around a haunted mansion, looking for clues and book pages. While looking for these clues, The player is chased by well-known scary ghouls and monsters that readers of the Goosebumps series would recognize. For example, Slappy the doll, killer clowns, and zombies all make an appearance throughout the game.

The main goal, as said earlier, is to find clues and book pages hidden around the mansion. If the player is able to find all of these clues, then they are able to stop the evil monsters and escape from the house. But finding these clues are much harder than one may think. While searching, players will run into evil gnomes, clowns, dolls, and more, and they must think quickly on their feet if they want to escape. Hiding under beds and closets may be the only way to escape from doom.

There were two things that really added to the overall gaming experience of Goosebumps when I played it. The music, and the graphics. Both of these small details made me enjoy the game and also made it much more frightening. The graphics were very dark and gloomy and made it feel like I was the one in the large mansion. Whenever there were tall shadows or figures, I immediately became frightened. The music of Goosebumps was also very terrifying. The soundtrack sounded like it was taken straight out of a horror movie, and it really added to the overall gameplay.

There were some problems I had with the game. First of all, the game itself did not fit my tv screen. This was most likely a common mistake, but I was never able to see the whole screen because the game was stretched out too much. I also found some parts of the game, in general, to be very very confusing. When looking for clues, I spent too much time- in some places, and that made the game less enjoyable. Besides that, I enjoyed Goosebumps the game. With a good mix of comedy and creepiness, the game did feel like I was in one of the Goosebumps novels.l I can not wait for the game to be added upon and I look forward to any new games that come out like this.

-Daniel C.

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