Hunting Simulatior 2 Game Review

Hunting Simulator 2 Is a first-person, hunting/shooter game. The game takes place in modern times, and you play as a professional hunter, exploring the wilderness. On your way, you will acquire new weapons and companions, that you can use to help you hunt all over the world. You will also run into a wide variety of animals that you can shoot and hunt. Players can then sell these animals for money or keep them as prizes. Using the money they earn from the day’s hunt, players will be able to upgrade and perfect their weapons, clothing, etc.

The first thing I noticed when I launched Hunting Simulator was the amazing graphics! With real-time sounds of the wilderness and beautiful landscape shots of the outdoors, I felt like I was really going out to hunt. The sounds of the rifles I used were also very realistic and even the animals and the sounds they made sounded real.

My favorite detail about Hunting Simulator 2 was the cabin. This was a place for players to relax and take a break from the hunting action. Players could buy new weapons, ammunition, hunting dogs, clothing, and much more at the cabin. They could also customize what they would be taking on each hunting trip. The cabin itself was very luxurious and nice and reminded me of a place someone would stay at if they were to go hunting in real life.

There were some minor issues I had with Hunting Simulator 2. When trying to call my hunting dog to give him directions, the controls were very weird. In order to praise your dog, the player had to hold down a wide variety of buttons on their controller, which caused me troubles. I also had a glitch where I could not move for a good five to ten minutes. But, this could have been a simple glitch due to the fact that the game is new.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Hunting Simulator 2. The graphics and sound effects are the game was amazing and beautiful, and I could not believe my eyes when I loaded the game up. Hunting was fun, and it made me feel like I was really in the outdoors. I think this game could be really fun if the developers were to add a multiplayer aspect, so one could play with friends. I can’t wait to see what is next for Hunting Simulator 2.

-Daniel C.

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