What Happened Game Review

What Happened produced by Genius Slackers is an interesting and adrenaline-boosting first-person game. The players will play as a boy named Stiles, as he faces the challenges of Highschool. Not only that, but he is also bullied and has anxiety/suicidal thoughts. What Happened is a game that sheds light on the daily challenges that teenagers must face, as players are able to see it first hand through Stile’s point of view

When I first launched the game, creepy music and flashing lights started to play. It set the mood for what type of game I was about to play. On top of all this, the lobby for the actual game was very cool and interactive! The player was set into the perspective of Stiles, and you could move around into different rooms. Each room you entered either started the game, took you into the options tab, or quit the game and sent you back to the desktop. I really enjoyed this cool feature, and I believe more games should use this type of lobby.

As for the game-play itself, I mostly enjoyed it. The controls were quite simple, and I learned them quickly. There were multiple puzzles I had to solve in order to proceed to the next part of the game, and they were mainly easy. I did run into some issues, such as not being able to open doors or not finding the next segment to the puzzle, wasting time.

Other than those few problems, I enjoyed playing What Happened It really shed light on the problems that some teenagers go through on a daily bases. It’s good that video games are getting mixed into serious and pressing topics, and I believe that more games should resemble this one. I give What Happened a rating of seven out of ten.

-Daniel C.

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