Arboria Game Review

Arboria, developed by Dreamplant, is a dark, 3D RPG game. The player follows their customizable alien-like character, who explores different dungeons and prisons.  In the prisons, there are different monsters and enemies that you must face, such as flying bugs and corrupted animals. To help you on the quests, your character is able to customize their gear, such as different weapons, armor, and abilities.

The first thing that I realized about Arboria was the graphics. This game has a very dark and rouge-lite type graphics. This makes the game much darker, as well as scarier. I do believe that these graphics make the game slower, as well as not exciting. I do believe that was the point of the graphics, but I believe that they could have been a little bit more exciting or vibrant.

I did enjoy the large and various maps and dungeons. Each dungeon had different enemies and layouts. With each dungeon, players could unlock different weapons. For example, the player starts off with a battle-ax, but I was able to unlock a symbiote sword that attached to the body of my character. This wide variety of weapons was very interesting, and I was always excited to unlock a new weapon.

Another very interesting and new aspect of Arboria was the respawning system. When your character died, the player had to restart all over, losing all of their gear. This makes players be much more careful with how they play the game. On top of that, when each player dies, the gods get angrier. This will mean that the next character they play will have less trench, speed, etc. FOr example, My first character died after a couple of dungeons. When I respawned, I got a message saying that my second character will be punished for making the gods angry. In turn, my character had less speed. I found this system very nice, especially because it made all of the players much more cautious about how they play.

Overall, I really enjoyed Arboria, developed by Dreamplant. This well developed, exciting RPG game is definitely a new up and coming game. With new systems such as the limited respawns and angering god affects, Arboria has a lot of potential. I really enjoyed all of the different dungeons and maps, as well as the wide variety of weapons. All in All, I would definitely recommend Arboria to any gamer that is interested in a new and upcoming RPG.

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