Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Fire Emblem Fates is a trilogy of Fire Emblem games that was released throughout 2016. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright was the first of two that were initially released. The games are a tactical RPG that focuses around managing characters and attacks, similar to a chess board. Birthright and Conquest differ in story and the routes you choose. Birthright is meant to be the first version played and builds upon the main character’s direct family.

The game overall follows the general JRPG formula, with interesting characters. The characters, in general throughout the 3 versions, are a major focus. Birthright contains many strong and likeable characters. The royal family of this side is based on traditional japanese designs along with the rest of the world. The game is very visually appealing as a result. Gameplay in this game is also generally good. Maps, on the hardest difficulty, are still thought provoking and unique so the games don’t feel as repetitive. The game is a good entry point when compared to the other two versions as it does a good job giving context behind every point in the overarching story between the three.

Some complaints of the game include the ineffective usage of many other characters and the difficulty of the game on anything past the hardest modes. While the main characters of the story are fleshed out and compelling, the majority of other characters in this version are simply there as a unit. There is very little character development and as a result, there is little emotional connection to said characters throughout the story. The difficulty is also not up to par with the expectations of playing a JRPG. Being the first of three, the game is meant to be easy but I feel that even on normal difficulties, the game holds your hand too much and there is barely a challenge whatsoever.

Overall, I like the characters and world building that Birthright provides but I think that the game is not as worth when compared to the other two. The lack of actual development and character growth is noticeable and is much less engaging than conquest and the third version, revelations. I would rate this version of the game a 6/10 as it still has many likable features of modern Fire Emblem games but is lacking overall as a JRPG. 

-Benjamin L.

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