Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

Fire Emblem Fates is a trilogy of Fire emblem games that was released throughout 2016. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest was the second of two that were initially released. The games are a tactical RPG that focuses around managing characters and attacks, similar to a chess board. Birthright and Conquest differ in story and the routes you choose. Conquest is the latter version that is not only harder, but provides a different focus on deceit and lies.

One major thing that conquest has going for it is the large cast of likeable characters. Unlike Birthright, Conquest’s characters contain varying amounts of personality while also bringing back likeable characters from other games and versions. While character development itself is lacking, the characters are fleshed out enough to create an entertaining atmosphere regardless of the situation. The mood and tone of this version reflects the main themes of the story. The dark and gloomy environment further builds upon the game and the story is significantly more engaging than Birthright.

Regardless of the idea that Conquest is better and more detailed than Birthright, the game still has some major issues. Unlike Birthright, conquest is designed to be much harder and limits options in order to prevent over-leveling. As a result, while the game isn’t inherently much harder, the difficulty scaling increases exponentially so early game mistakes can make a large difference in the late game. The game in general is not as beginner friendly when compared to Birthright, although this is partially mitigated by how it is the second game of the story. Another complaint is that in order to fully understand the second game, you have to also play the third version in Revelations. Without playing that game, the ending feels somewhat empty and confusing as a result, thus making the game as a whole less satisfying to complete.

Overall, even with the various complaints, I would rate it an 8/10 and think it is still worth playing. The game is still entertaining and gives a good measure for the modern fire emblem games. Unlike the other two, the story progresses at a reasonable rate and it doesn’t feel as clustered. The game, while not my first choice for a modern Fire Emblem game, is still worth the time and money put into it.

-Benjamin L.

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