Kingshunt Game Review

Kingshunt is a tower PvE/PVP game made by vaki games. In Kingshunt, players will go head to head in a five vs five battle. The game features a wide variety of characters, attacks, strategies, and more! 

The first thing that I want to talk about is the main objective. You and your team of five will be assigned one of two teams. You will either be attacking the castle or defending it. Once assigned a team, you and your friends will be able to pick from a wide variety of characters and classes. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses such as the tank having more health, and the support being much faster. In these classes will be different heroes that you can pick. Each hero will have different abilities, weapons, and attacks. I really liked the customization and variety you had while playing, and I definitely think it helped make the game more exciting.

As for the gameplay itself, Kingshunt was a very fun game. In all of the games I played, I was defending. In the game, players will earn tokens that they can spend to buy items that will help them on the battlefield. Whether it be more health, damage, etc, upgrading these skills was extremely important. While defending, players could also put down barricades, archer towers, etc. These towers would attack the incoming attackers as they tried to siege the castle, and added a new element of surprise. What I really liked about Kingshunt was the actual objective itself. Instead of sieging a certain objective or castle, the attackers had to kill a giant monster inside the castle. In total, defenders had 20 minutes to defend two of these giant monsters. What I found was cool was the monsters actually helped defenders, and resisted against the attackers.

I only had a few problems while playing Kingshunt. Since the game is in a pre-alpha state at the time I played, getting into games took a very long time. I would say that getting into the games took about 20 minutes, while the games only took 10-15. Hopefully when the game comes out the servers will be much more active. Due to the long queue times, my friends and I had to go onto the EU servers. I went into a Kingshunt discord, and everyone said the NA servers were completely down. I do not know what was going on there, but hopefully, they are fixed upon the release of the full game. My last little complaint about Kingshunt was the graphics and animations. When picking characters, fighting, etc, the graphics and animations seemed choppy and somewhat delayed. Obviously, these small problems are not that big of a deal, and will hopefully be fixed on the release date. Overall, I really enjoyed playing Kingshunt with my friends. This game is exciting and strategic at the same time. I hope the small problems are fixed, and that the game continues to keep growing! I would rate Kingshunt a nice out of ten.

-Daniel C.

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