Geometry Dash Game Review

Geometry Dash is a game developed by a Swedish developer by the name of RobTop, and it was released in 2013. It is a rhythm-based platformer game that includes 21 official levels and over 60 million user-created levels. This game can be found on the app store, google play store, and Steam.

Geometry Dash is known for being a rage game, as whenever one dies within a level, they have to start all the way back in the beginning. This process can become very tedious and frustrating for many players. However, the feeling one gets from completing a difficult level overrides all the frustration caused by it. 

Levels in this game follow a rating system that ranges from easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and demon difficulties. The hardest rating, demon, is divided up into easy demon, medium demon, hard demon, insane demon, and extreme demon. These hard demon levels have been the main cause for one of the largest parts of the Geometry Dash community: the demon list. The demon list is a list of the top 150 hardest levels in the game. If one has over 64% on any one of these levels, their name is displayed on the level’s leaderboard. This has prompted many players to start grinding out hard levels that take a lot of skill and patience to beat. 

Although Geometry Dash is not a multiplayer game, it has definitely brought me and some of my friends closer together through playing it, and even after over seven years since the game’s release and nearly four years since the latest update, millions of people still actively play the game to this day.

-Jeremy L.

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