The Best Free Editing Software of All Time

Video editing is probably one of the tougher skills in life to master. There are many elements of skill and hours of effort into editing a video, no matter what purpose it is for. However, one of the biggest factors is what editor one decides to use. Some editors can cost as much as 100 dollars. These ones are the ones the professionals use, who edit as a job or career. However, although these editors are reliable and efficient, these are not the most accessible to those who are just starting out, and to those who are not willing to spend money on an expensive editor.

There are many free editors out there, however, with them being free, comes many consequences. One of the biggest ones, which is common among many free editors is a large watermark in the corner of the screen. Examples include PowerDirector and Filmora9, which slap a large watermark in the center of the screen, advertising their “great” editing software. Another example of the consequences is the rendering of audio. Some free editors may require you to buy the premium version in order to render audio with your video. So, at this point it may seem as if there is no free solution to edit a high quality video. However, that is not the case.

Da Vinci Resolve 16 is an editing software available on Windows and Mac, which has all the features of an expensive editing software. The best part about it all is that it is 100% free. Although there are some features that require you to get the premium version, such as some filters and the ability to render above 4k, nearly everything you want and need is available within the free version. It is incredibly easy to master and learn, so you can make high quality videos about whatever you please. Watching a simple 20 minute tutorial about it on Youtube before starting out (which is just an editing tip in general that could be applied to all editors) could take you very far.

So with that said, Da Vinci Resolve is not the best editing software for sure, but it is definitely the most worth it.

-Jeremy L.

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