Happy Mall Story

Happy Mall Story is one of the best simulation games I have played in a very long time. It has a very simple objective and that is to run a successful mall. There are a lot of ways to customize your mall, from adding different decorations to changing the colors of your stores. This game is a perfect game if you just need something to do in your spare time.

My favorite aspect of this game was making sure I had multiples of most buildings on each of the floor to increase the customers’ happiness. You can also buy items from some of the stores themselves to use to increase the stats of the store, like appeal or price and things of that sort.

Another good thing is that this game does not have any ads unless you want to activate frenzy mode which happens every 5 minutes anyways without ads so you do not even need to watch them. It makes me so happy when I find a game as good as this one that does not have ads. That is pretty hard to find nowadays because most free games on the App Store are LOADED with ads.

That is why I think that this game is worth your time to download and play it.

-Jasper D.

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