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Cookie Run Kingdom: A recipe for success?

Cookie Run Kingdom was definitely my favorite game that was released during 2021.  I downloaded it in late September and instantly became addicted.

This game features a large cast of characters ranging from plain gingerbread cookies to wizards and even to wolves.  It has a very large campaign mode and a very intricate storyline.  It also has a gacha feature which you can use to acquire more cookies to add to your team.  

It is better than most RPGs in this category because it is more leaning toward a free-to-play lifestyle.  Meaning you can enjoy the game just as much without needing to spend a lot of money on it.  

I found this game on Youtube when I was scrolling through my home page.  I instantly clicked and fell in love with this game.  My favorite part of this game is the gacha feature which I do as much as possible.  So far I have collected all of the cookies except for 2 of the rarest ones which are Pure Vanilla and Sea Fairy, but I recently got them on my luckiest day ever in this game.  This game has a lot of fun things to do and can be played for hours on end.  Can be played does not mean you should play it a lot more than you should.  

In conclusion, if you like to play gacha games and don’t want to have to spend money to progress and have fun, then this is the game for you.  Just look up Devsisters in the App Store on Android and IOS.  

-Jasper D.


Forager is a game made by Hop Frog and is a very good game at that. It has a very simple 2D game design but the goal of the game is anything but simple. The objective is to buy all of the neighboring islands, unlock all the skills, and obtain all of the possible objects.

You start off on one tiny island with some rocks, trees, and berries. You use your pickaxe to mine the trees and the rocks to get resources. You eat the berries to replenish your stamina. When you get enough resources you can build a furnace if you get enough ore from mining the rocks. If you do not have enough resources, do not worry because rocks, trees, and berries respawn after a certain amount of time making it so you don’t need to worry about resource shortages.

Then once you start unlocking more items by leveling up then you can get access to markets which can help you buy rarer items and you can sell the items that do not have any use left for you. This helps with progression because of scrolls. There are a couple different scrolls that can spawn a lot of ores, animals, trees/berries, or digging spots. Digging spots have chances of giving rare items but when you combine digging spots with lighthouses, which give a boost to items gathered within the radius of the light, then you can get a lot of items from the ground.

If you like simulation crafting games then this game is definitely for you. You can get it on Steam for computers or on the App Store for mobile devices.

-Jasper D.

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is as it says in their own description, “the one and only building simulation that lets you manage your own tower, customize each floor, and the bitizens that inhabit it.” This is all true. The amount of customization that you control is amazing. You can change the color of the background, floor, and certain decorations inside of each floor of your tower. You can also change the people too. You can give them cool costumes and also change the colors of their clothes.

My favorite thing to do is pick an elevator, roof, and lobby design that all fit together, such as the pyramid set or the tree set. Then I change the colors of each floor to either brown or green for the tree set, then make all of the people in the tower wear a monkey costume so it is all one big tree! The possibilities are nearly infinite.

Another thing I like about this game is that the cost of the next floors scale pretty well so it gets harder and harder to get the next floor so you end up investing more time into the game which helps get money faster. And the best thing, NO ADS. I know most free games have ads that block you from playing the game and having fun but you only watch ads if you choose to and most of the time the ad rewards are worth watching the ads for. All in all this is a very nice game to play on the side while doing something else or having it be your main game.

-Jasper D.

Happy Mall Story

Happy Mall Story is one of the best simulation games I have played in a very long time. It has a very simple objective and that is to run a successful mall. There are a lot of ways to customize your mall, from adding different decorations to changing the colors of your stores. This game is a perfect game if you just need something to do in your spare time.

My favorite aspect of this game was making sure I had multiples of most buildings on each of the floor to increase the customers’ happiness. You can also buy items from some of the stores themselves to use to increase the stats of the store, like appeal or price and things of that sort.

Another good thing is that this game does not have any ads unless you want to activate frenzy mode which happens every 5 minutes anyways without ads so you do not even need to watch them. It makes me so happy when I find a game as good as this one that does not have ads. That is pretty hard to find nowadays because most free games on the App Store are LOADED with ads.

That is why I think that this game is worth your time to download and play it.

-Jasper D.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best racing games out right now on any platform. It has 48 different areas to race in which change after every lap to give more variety. It has online play and lots of different modes to challenge yourself with.

The main function of this game is to provide a fun experience made for playing with multiple people. Sure, you can play online with people from around the world, but in my experience, the best memories I have that are associated with this game are when I was playing it with my family.

They recently added a DLC for the game which is an extra 16 stages from the earlier games in the series. This is definitely a purchase that is very worth its price.

Another thing to do is the ghost runs. You choose the option and you do all of the races and you are racing yourself to get a new personal best on the specific track. Once you complete these you get the golden ghosts which are much harder to beat and require every ounce of skill you can get to beat them.

All in all, this is a fantastic game to play anytime and is well worth the cost.

-Jasper D.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is available for checkout from the Mission Viejo Library.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is one of the best games out there. It is a very cost effective game being only $1.99 on the App Store. This game is very underrated in my opinion and should be more popular because of its seemingly infinite amount of replayability.

It has 21 main levels that come with the game. These are a good starting ground as they start off very easy and get pretty difficult in the end. Then once you hone your skills by beating these levels, you can go to the online section which has over 50,000,000 fan made levels. These can range from simple level builds to art masterpieces. People have made minigames inside of levels. The possibilities are endless. Anyone who plays this game should never run out of things to build and levels to beat.

How the game works is that there are a bunch of different game modes to choose from. The simple one is the cube (even though it is a 2d game). You just tap the screen to jump over spikes. Simple as that. Right? Not true at all. With the different game modes there are infinite challenges to overcome such as blind jumps and invisible gameplay. Next is how the game works. The levels are all made of a certain amount of objects. These can range from 1 to 1,029,093 getting laggier as the objects increase. The objective of the game is to avoid dying and getting to the end of the level. You jump and fly to avoid the spikes and to avoid crashing into a wall. Every time you die you need to start over at the beginning. Every. Single. Time. It gets really annoying very fast but that is the charm of this game. This game has the most bang for its buck in terms of replayability. That is why I would recommend this game for people who want a fun game to spend their time playing.

-Jasper D.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

I like to consider myself a Pokemon connoisseur. I have played all of the Pokemon games at least 3 times each and would like to think that I have a good understanding of which of these games and my favorite and which ones I would recommend playing.

This game combines the fun of catching and battling a wide variety of Pokemon throughout a specific region. It also has the same open-world charm that Breath Of The Wild had in the Zelda franchise.

The backstory behind this game is that for one, it takes place in the Sinnoh region, the fourth region in the Pokemon franchise. The first games that featured this region came out in September of 2006. They were the original Diamond and Pearl. They showcased brand new Pokemon and even brand new mechanics such as the Underground, where a player can dig for fossils which had never been featured prior to this game.

In November of last year, the Pokemon company released Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. These were the faithful Gen 4 remakes that most Pokemon fans were hoping for. This game added more mechanics related to the Underground, such as new areas where Pokemon could spawn. This was a really good way to acquire some rare Pokemon that could only be obtained by trade between other consoles.

This was the only new feature that they added to this game, so people were not that happy about this because they wanted new mechanics. Oh, but what they didn’t know was that they would get what could very be the best Pokemon game ever made up to this day.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place in the Hisui region which is what the Sinnoh region was called in the past. This game has a story about how the Sinnoh region came to be and takes place very far in the past regarding the Sinnoh region. The part of the name with the word Arceus is also the name of the supposed god of all of the Pokemon universe. This game focuses on how Arceus came to be and how the world of Pokemon was created.

Now onto the mechanics of the game. The first noticeable one is the feature of Outbreaks. Once you get far enough into the game, everytime you move between locations, each location has a change to have an outbreak of a specific Pokemon. This means that you will be able to locate and catch 4-12 of the same Pokemon. These also have a very boosted Shiny chance.

Just a bit of background info, a Shiny is a Pokemon that has a different color than its original version, and are very rare and prized possessions.

These are all ways to improve your in game experience and trust me when I say, this game is the peak of Pokemon as of right now.

-Jasper D.

Film Review: The Batman

*Spoiler Warning Up Ahead For The Batman Movie*

The Batman. Probably one of DC’s most known character. When someone says DC I immediately think of Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Batman was always my favorite because it goes to show that powers don’t make you a superhero.

Fear is a tool. And when that light hits the sky… it’s not just a call. It’s a warning.

The Batman Movie (2022)

The Bat Signal is what the city uses to signal Batman that crime is afoot in the city and that he needs to try to stop it. The movie starts in the apartment of the ex-mayor, who is having a phone call with someone about the upcoming election. Then after the phone call ends The Riddler, who was there the entire time, murders the mayor. This sets of a lot more events in the movie such as the terrifying murders of more elite members of their society.

He then runs into Catwoman who he teams up with to take down The Riddler. She works at this lounge where the Penguin is stationed at to hide from the cops. She later teams up with him when he goes on a mission to find the Riddler who is killing people around the city.

At the end of the movie Catwoman leaves and Batman goes back to his life, but in the Arkham Jail the Riddler has a conversation with the Joker. I hope this means that there will be a part 2.