Extended Play (EP) Review: You are Dreaming by Elliott Fullam

It’s only been a month and a half since Elliott Fullam released his debut album What’s Wrong and he’s back at it again with a 4 track extended play (EP) named You are Dreaming. Fullam does a great job further developing (and even expanding) the sound he created in What’s Wrong.

The cover of You are Dreaming

You are Dreaming goes beyond Elliott Smith meets Duster, especially with its instrumentation. Don’t get me wrong, he sounds somewhat similar to his influences in terms of vocals and production respectively, but Smith is much more original in this release. We can see this originality on the track “On and On”.

“On and On” features acoustic guitars, Fullam’s signature wispy vocals, a Duster-esque drum (in terms of production), and a keyboard. The addition of a keyboard especially differentiates him from his influences which are quite obvious if they’re listened to before or after listening to Fullam.

It’s a great thing that Elliott Fullam was able to release You are Dreaming. His original plan was to release a single but due to issues with Spotify, he ended up releasing an EP as an apology to his fans. The EP is a pretty good indie rock album. I give it a 7.9/10 as I find it to be somewhat of an improvement over What’s Wrong, but still quite similar to it. Give it a look; it’ll make your day!

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