Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell: 9780440416456 | Books

Black Beauty is gentle, intelligent and strong. His coat is black and shiny. A white speck of fur stands out on his forehead like a beautiful white star. However, fate is difficult, life is fickle, as a horse, he has tasted the sweet and sour people give. Black Beauty, the hero of the novel, is a beautiful and well-bred black horse. He has been living in a noble family since childhood. He has been well trained, docile and clever. But the good times did not last long, the master home had a change, Black Beauty had to be sold. He had been sold many times in a row and met all kinds of people. There are drunks who take their horses to anger when they drink too much wine, cab drivers who whip easily, barbarians who don’t take animals seriously. After tasting all the joys and sorrows of the world, it was lucky to have a good end-result. The work reveals the inner world of the horse, as well as the description of the horse coldly looking on the human society. Black Beauty’s life is the epitome of Victorian horse-riding, wagons in the country and London cabs. When he was a boy, his mother told him that a horse’s fate was all down to luck — he was lucky to have a good master, but unlucky to have an abusive master. As he grew up, Black Beauty met good people and people who mistreated him. He was first sold as a mount to Lord Gordon, who was kind to horses. Then it was sold to the count, and that abominable bridle became his greatest nuisance, and the bane of all horses. Pulling wagons not only consumes a lot of physical energy, but also is whipped by the driver. Black Beauty suffers when he draws a cab because people drive in the wrong way. Finally, Black Beauty finally found a friendly home to spend his old age. In Black Beauty we see many human qualities: honesty, courage, meekness and friendliness. Though Black Beauty has gone through trials and tribulations, it has not changed these qualities. This makes us wonder: what qualities should we have as human beings? Don’t we treat animals so cruelly because we disregard good qualities in them? Black Beauty, through his own eyes, with vivid language, tells a story, to convey such a message to readers. Animals also have feelings and thoughts. Human beings should therefore be kind to animals.

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