Book Review: Matched, by Ally Condie

matched_coverThis book is a definite must-read that keeps one glued to the pages.

In a very controlled society, Cassia is getting ready for the biggest day of her life, the Match Banquet. Her best friend Xander, also has his Match Banquet, but after a little mix-up with who her match is, she finds herself debating over who she loves.

Once Xander’s face shows up on her card, Cassia is sure that they are the perfect match. But when another boy’s face shows up on the screen for a second she finds herself debating who she is truly meant for. Cassia finds herself falling in love with this other boy, Ky– which upsets the Society and puts herself and Ky in danger.

As Cassia begins to discover her true self, she finds herself caught up in life-threatening secrets and daring choices. At the same time she is trying to save the one she loves, while she keeps her family safe.

Matched is the first volume in a trilogy. Find out what happens to Cassia in the sequels, Crossed and Reached.

-Jenna R., 7th grade