Book Review: Revived, by Cat Patrick

revivedImagine knowing that you would be able to die over and over, and still be brought back to life within minutes. What kind of risks would you take if you were able to achieve the impossible and cheat death?

Cat Patrick’s sci-fi novel Revived describes the life of Daisy Appleby, a fifteen-year-old who is part of a top-secret government experiment. As a child, she died in an unfortunate bus accident. But thanks to a newly developed drug name Revived, Daisy was able to be brought back to life. Since the first accident, Daisy has died a total of five times. As a result, Daisy lives a very careless life, as she knows that she will always be able to beat death. However, something changes when she befriends the optimistic, charismatic, Audrey, and her caring brother, Matt. Daisy starts to question her morals and slightly skewed approach to life. Is it truly right to take life for granted, while others only have one chance to make the best of it?

I must admit that the characters were very relatable, especially Daisy, because she struggles with the same everyday life dilemmas we have today. After each death, Daisy is forced to move to a different state and take on a new identity, in order to avoid suspicion. She struggles to fit in and find her place in the world, which is pretty difficult if she is constantly transferring schools. Nevertheless, I felt that Daisy was selfish and immature at times when complaining about how she can’t have a “normal life,” even though she is able to die more than once. I believe that she wouldn’t have to face this problem if she was simply more careful and aware of her surroundings.

While I did think Revived was predictable at times and left too much information unexplained and vague, I did enjoy it because it was different than most young adult books today. The setting wasn’t a dystopian, future society, and the romance wasn’t overdone, so it didn’t take over and ruin the main plot line. I would rate this book a 7 out of 10 and recommend it to those who like reading simple, science fiction novels. In my opinion, Revived was a good book, but not good enough to rate it as one of those “must read” novels. Most importantly, though, it conveys the message that we should make the most of and always appreciate the gift of life.

-Kaylie W., 10th grade