Book Review: The Tainted Truth, by Cynthia Crossen

tainted_truth_cover“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”  This quote is from the Tainted Truth written by Cynthia Crossen, and if you think about it, this quote represents what we come across almost on a daily basis. Every day, we humans rely on the Internet and media extensively to get updated information.

This book is about statistics, and the fact that we get experienced with millions and millions of them every day. It goes into depth of how the media hides the real statistics and persuades our minds by advertisements. Crossen also discusses how different studies are performed, and how the media portrays it as something else to the public.

There are some very interesting facts in this book! For you insight-lovers, this is definitely a good pick for you. It shows you the tainted truth, literally, by uncovering what the media actually presents us with. Crossen describes how what we hear on the media, or read on the Internet is very much manipulated. Most of the surveys and polls that are out there for the general public are influenced and tweaked, without us realizing it. For example, “‘76% of independent microwave oven technicians surveyed recommended Litton,’ said an ad for the appliance company. The survey included only Litton- authorized technicians who serviced Litton and at least one other brand. Those who serviced other brands but not Litton’s were excluded.”This piece of text clearly tells the readers that the surveys that you are introduced to are usually biased.

Facts such as these are introduced and gone into depth in The Tainted Truth. It gives you a new perspective and way of thinking in your everyday life. The next time you watch an advertisement on the T.V., you will be wondering what tainted truth the media is hiding from you!

-Nirmeet B., 10th grade