Book Review: The Christmas Shoes, by Donna VanLierre

christmas_shoesThe book The Christmas Shoes is a wonderful novel. Though there is much to tell about this book there’s only so much that I can say without ruining the story completely. So I will start with this: have you ever had a time in your life where you felt like your was out of control? You just seem to be lost in your thoughts and feel stuck as you slowly, one-by-one, lose all of those you had ever loved. Well, I’m sure that Nathan and Robert can tell you a lot about that.

In a small little town there lives a little boy, and his name is Nathan. Now Nathan is just an average little boy about the age of 8 but always seemed to be quite sad. He had his reasons, and one of them was that his mother is very ill. Now I’ll tell you that his mother, Maggie Andrews, was always very active so it was a huge shock to mostly everyone that she was ill. You see, Maggie just gave birth to Nathan’s little sister, Rachel. Though there was something different about this birth and she knew it. It was a good thing that she got suspicious because she soon finds out that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Robert Layton is a very successful lawyer who is just about rude to everyone. Although, his problem is quite different. He and his family had just moved into town a couple years ago and in that time he was promoted to a very high position. Now his problem is that he spends too much time working. He always breaks his promises and makes the excuse that he is too busy working. He hardly spends any time with his family and blocks off his wife from him. Now he is facing the danger of divorce with his wife Kate.

You will read that the Christmas of 1985 changes both families. Find out how a little boy gives hope to his mother and how a man saves his marriage all from  pair of little silver shoes. It is such a sweet story, though I’m warning you: this is a crying book and, trust me, you will feel the tears welling up. I hope you will enjoy reading The Christmas Shoes!

-Christina B., 7th grade