Book Review: Eyes of the Emperor

eyes_emperorRunning for his life and scrambling for shelter, Eddy Okubo tries to avoid the Japanese bombs raining down on Pearl Harbor. This is how he chooses to live his teenage life, being a U.S. army soldier in World War II.

Eyes of the Emperor, written by Graham Salisbury, is about a sixteen year old boy who signs up to serve in the U.S. army to fight for his country. But, in doing so, Eddy has to survive harsh conditions and will his physical and mental ability be enough to impress his training superiors?

Eddy Okubo wants to prove to his father that his loyalty lies with his homeland, America, by enrolling to be an American soldier, even though his heritage is Japanese. After the Pearl Harbor bombing, Eddy and his comrades are sent to Cat Island, where they are supposed to test a secret project assigned by President Roosevelt, to defeat the Japanese and win the war. Even after grueling hard work and dangerous obstacles to face, Eddy still wants to become a U.S. soldier, who must survive the task in the dense jungle on Cat Island. Eddy needs to prove himself through these challenges until the army accepts his loyalty. Will he prevail and will his talent be recognized by the country that he believes in, or will he have to go back to his family without honor and dignity?

Graham Salisbury is an American author born during the time of World War II. He wrote many great books such as Under the Blood Red Sun and The Millennium. In my opinion, I would rate this book an eight out of ten and would encourage young adults to read this great story of historical fiction. It provides a lot of information about World War II, involving Japan and America. The way Graham Salisbury describes the characters and setting is also very deep and gives you a vivid image of the whole story, as if you were the main character himself. In addition, he uses a lot of personification and metaphors to describe major events. This is a great novel of a boy who follows his beliefs and carries them out persistently to achieve his goals.

-Riley W., 6th grade