The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo

The Secret Kingdom,by Jenny Nimmo, is the first book in the Chronicles of The Red King trilogy.  The books in this trilogy are prequels to the Children of the Red King series.  The stories take place in a time when the Red King was a young boy named Timoken.  This story revolves around Timoken and his older sister Zobayda, two children who have been orphaned and forced out of their home.

The children embark on a treacherous journey through a vast desert to find a new home.  They are aided by various fantastical creatures, including a flying being called a “forest-jinni,” a trio of magical leopards, and a talking camel named Gabar.  The children are endowed with magical powers.  They rely on these powers to defend themselves against enemies, including evil beings called “viridees.”

There are many likeable characters in this book, so it would be very difficult to pick a favorite.  Timoken, his sister Zobayda, Gabar, and even the viridees are some of my favorites.  The story is filled with action and excitement.  One of my favorite parts of the book is when a flock of terrible birds wreaks havoc in the city of Toledo.  Timoken uses his magical powers to stop them.

I was excited to learn that Jenny Nimmo wrote this new series of books.  After the success of her Children of the Red King series, Jenny Nimmo decided to write more about the history of the mysterious Red King.  This new trilogy is just as enjoyable as the original series.  I would very highly recommend this book, and the rest of the trilogy, to anyone who enjoyed the Children of the Red King saga.

The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo is available to checkout from the Mission Viejo Library. It is also available to download for free from Libby.

Book Review: Midnight for Charlie Bone, by Jenny Nimmo

charlie_boneImagine having a unique talent which nobody else has, and you have the choice of using it to save the world! Written by Jenny Nimmo, this novel, Midnight for Charlie Bone, tells a story about a young boy who thinks he is a normal person with a normal life who has a normal friend. However, when Charlie starts to hear voices from the people in various photos and pictures, his life suddenly changes and becomes very complicated.

Charlie Bone is then forced by his wicked aunts to attend Bloor’s Academy for talented students in the areas of music, art, or drama. He is like some other children at this school who have an endowment of magic, and he is descended from the Red King, a ruler from the past with unimaginable powers. Myths say that these descendants would each possess one of those magical endowments, and that is why Charlie is able to hear people in non-motion images. One day while visiting a book store, he stumbled upon a mysterious, metal case containing something that might save the bookseller’s daughter and family. In order to do this though, he needs to find the courage to stand up to the Bloor family, whose evilness is lurking behind the doors of their academy.

Jenny Nimmo is an extraordinary author who writes several fantasy books for children and young adults. This series, Charlie Bone and the Red King, has a total of eight amazing novels, and I am currently reading the third book, Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy.

I think Charlie is the perfect character, since he has the right personality and characteristics for this series. What makes him so special in the book is that he has a knack for getting in trouble, but he can somehow always get away with it, whether it is having friends help or by using his brain to get out of tough situations.

My recommendation for this book would be to anyone between the ages of ten to sixteen who like to read about fantasies and mysteries. I would rate this novel a nine and a half out of ten, because it drew me into the story, as if I was part of the setting. This would be a good book for you Harry Potter fans out there, for this series depicts a war of good versus evil.

-Riley W., 6th grade