Book Review: Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White

paranormalcyUsually paranormal and cute aren’t words used together to describe the same book. So this might be the exception. Evie is not an ordinary teenage girl. She’s a little boy crazy, obsessed with pink, and most importantly can see paranormals. Or could she be one herself? One thing for sure is that her sight has ruined many paranormal stereotypes: vampires aren’t sexy, unicorns aren’t beautiful, and mermaids don’t have seashell bras. The only person with this sight, Evie works to track down paranormals causing problems and keep the humans safe for a paranormal agency.

Sometimes, situations aren’t always what they seem. One day, several paranormals wind up dead. No one can figure out why. Evie starts having strange dreams about a prophecy that ends in lots of death. And amid this mystery, there are also fairies. Fairies that cause trouble as they provide transportation for the paranormal agency. The most troublesome fairy for Evie is Reth, her immortal ex crush/boyfriend. He wants to force Evie into her destiny, by any means necessary.

Evie wishes for a normal life at a high school (like her favorite TV show), but otherwise she’s pretty content with her strange life. That is, until she meets a shapeshifter that makes her question everything she knew about the agency she works for. Well, it was less of a meeting than she tassed him with her sparkly pink taser Tasey. He quotes the very same prophecy from her dream and the plot thickens.

Evie as a character has a great mix of optimism and sarcasm. She is perky and gets excited over the simplest of things like lockers and dinner dates. Oh, and her obsession of pink. The story follows Evie’s journey to find herself and her discovery she is not alone. She isn’t a perfect character by any means, but that what makes her different yet still relatable. She’s quirky at times, always saying bleep instead of any real curse words. Long story. Then there are some times I want to slap her from being so naïve, but some twists I admit I didn’t see coming.

This light-hearted paranormal read is really fun and easy to get through. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes reading about vampires and werewolves, or anyone who is tired of the traditional view of paranormals. Except for fairies. Fairies are always trouble.

-Nicole G., 11th grade