Book Review: Beta, by Rachel Cohn

beta_coverBeta is a great book. You will never see the ending coming!

Elysia is a 16 year old Beta, or experimental clone, who lives on the island of Demesne, a paradise for the wealthiest people on Earth. When Elysia learns about the other clones on the island and becomes the replacement of a girl named Astrid, her life changes forever. Elysia starts to work for the governor’s family keeping the two children, ages 16 and 10, occupied.

Clones are beings without a soul who cannot feel, they work as servants for the members of Demesne, doing their chores, working as nannies and making Demesne a true paradise. Even the air and ocean surrounding has been altered for total relaxation.

But when defective Clones, called defects, begin to spread word of a revolution everything goes for a ride. Elysia meets other teens living on Demesne whom she befriends. She learns of the world of people, until her only chance at happiness is taken away with such cruelty she might not be able to handle it. Besides, if Elysia is meant to be a soulless being, why are all of these emotions arising? Could Elysia possibly be a defect? Elysia goes on an adventure of romance, action and adventure in the novel Beta.

I loved this book right up to the ending and I believe that many people will agree that Beta is a book you simply can’t put down.

-Danielle T., 7th grade