Book Review: Alabama Moon, by Watt Key

alabama_moonHave you ever fantasized about residing in the woods? Have you ever envisioned hunting for every meal you need? How about constructing your own dwelling from trees with your own hands? In the book Alabama Moon, by Watt Key, audacious and juvenile ten-year-old Moon Blake has resided his entire existence in the woods with no external connection except for Mr. Abroscotto, who owns the local general store.

After his father succumbs, Moon knows that he has to pursue the last instructions of his father to go north to Alaska. Heading to Alaska, Moon’s journey is stopped precipitously when a policeman catches him. As he battles his way through the outside world he has never known, he comprehends that going to Alaska will not be easy. Read the rest of the novel to see if Moon makes it to Alaska or not.

I would recommend this book to kids who dream of an adventurous life in the woods. I admired how Moon overcame impossible obstacles with his positive spirit. He is a great role model for children everywhere. A funny part was how Moon had never eaten “normal” food and he enjoyed every meal he ate, even though it was sometimes jail food. The only questionable aspect of the book was Moon’s father’s reasons for living in the woods was not that clear, even though it stated that he went to Vietnam. Overall, the book was outstanding, and a great read for somebody craving adventure.

-Anmol K., 7th grade